First glimpse of Fashion Shoot Experience on [FRAMED] Show


The wait is almost over for seeing the Fashion Shoot Experience come alive on the [FRAMED] Show. And that’s just referring to our own anticipation! Back in April we had a 3-day event at a stunning mansion in Hamptons, New York. The first day was a special workshop with 6 attendees, and the next two days were our Fashion Shoot Experience. The whole event was exquisitely styled by Leonid Gurevich and his team. The [FRAMED] crew were present throughout, filming tons of the colourful action to make a fun and engrossing set of episodes. I’ll post them each when they’re up.

Watching the episodes will give anyone new to the Fashion Shoot Experience a fascinating insight into the teams on our events and what to expect on our shoots. We’re excited to see one of our best events yet immortalised on camera.

Here is the trailer!

Looking forward to seeing the first installment on Aug 27th, aired on the [F] Network online.

-Miss Aniela


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