Quick moodboard mind vomit for LA…

Ahead of this weekend’s shoot at the Bel Air Titanic, here’s a quick visual explosion of the inside of my brain at the moment in terms of my anticipation for what I might create. This is in addition to the first futuristic moodboard I put out on the website. This moodboard is truly about ‘mood’ and necessarily the styling. I plucked out images, from the web, that convey the lighting, colour, and model attitudes I am feeling for this shoot. I am interested in trying out more with colour gels. I’ll also be utilising a Nikon 80-400mm VR lens for some extreme depth of field to try achieve the look of certain fashion images that have that delicious depth.

Click to view the moodboard larger.

la montage

Pregnancy for me right now, at 31.5 weeks, is turning a corner; this past week in LA eating at some fine places with our friends here, I have really been feeling the belly-ligament expansion in front of my eyes and my baby’s somersaulting more than ever before. The joy from that adds to the exhaustion of a day. Whilst I have to take it easy, I’m trusting he/she will give me some much-needed boost and inspiration on set (… triple kicks are the best…)

Let’s see what this weekend produces! I plan to do live updates during the shoot on my twitter (and possibly FB.)


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