New! Phlearn Pro discount for our attendees…


We’re pleased to announce a special new sponsor, in the shape of Phlearn!

Up to now, after a Shoot Experience all photographers would be provided with links to download a few of my own ‘editing movies’ which showed a few different approaches to my own editing in Photoshop. However, my own knowledge of Photoshop is idiosyncratic – I use a familiar set of tools to achieve a particular artistic vision, which may be limiting for someone hunting out, say, the most efficient way to make composites, or, say, the least destructive way to clean up skin. That is one reason why I’m keen to offer something more comprehensive to my attendees, a way for them to choose from a wider range of resources, tailoring that choice to exactly what they need, whether that be flat-out beginner’s Photoshop or advanced tips. 

So we present Phlearn, the best daily source of quality tutorials on photography and Photoshop, with nearly 100k followers on Facebook and a huge library of quality educational content for whatever your level – both free, and pro tutorial downloads at $15 and upwards. Phlearn is always (honestly) the place I recommend to those looking for tutorials. Photographer Aaron Nace, who founded Phlearn, has a unique prowess of both creativity and technical knowledge: what I consider a rare balance of left and right brain… so he and his expert team are able to conjure up videos that are educational but not dull – – imaginative, innovative images where they show you every step of the process.


Phlearn also offers advice on many other aspects such as choosing gear, finding inspiration, picking great resources and books; actions, textures and more.

So here’s the deal: all photographers starting from February 2014 will receive a one-time promocode of $25, per event, to spend at Phlearn. Many tutorials are priced at $25 and lower which gives everyone a chance to at least sample a whole free Pro tutorial.

As for my own editing movies, I will still on occasion produce videos and blog posts that relate directly to images shot at Shoot Experiences, but I will be dedicating more of my computer time to mentoring photographers on a new ‘master / apprentice’ venture called The Arcanum.

Thanks Aaron and to the whole ‘Phlearn Phamily’ for bringing this new exciting aspect to the Experience!


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