Showcase from 3 countries of shoots!

Hasn’t time flown since my last post! Oops. So, here’s a flash showcase of what some of our FSE photographers have been up to, with shoots we’ve done this year in London, Iceland and New York.

Sam Breach created an artistic six-image series with images she shot on our Iceland shoot in April, which was was published in Dark Beauty magazine issue #35.

Sam Breach

Sam’s story also had its own interview and feature on My Modern Met...

Sam Breach

Debbie Steeper had a 10-page feature of a story she created on our Iceland shoot, Ice Princess, in magazine Niche 2014 issue. Here’s part of it, and full story at this link.

Debbie Steeper_ Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience Iceland2

Debbie Steeper_ Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience Iceland 4

Debbie Steeper_ Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience Iceland

Tanya Mishchenko had a 6-page story published in Dark Beauty issue #34, this time with images from our London shoot at an old house, The Roost.



Now moving onto Greg Sikorski of Dagma Art/Photo, who has been quite experimental with his images: for one image he collaborated with a painter, and for another, a creative retoucher.

This painting originates from an image of model Katie Johnson shot on our London shoot.


Painted by Tomasz Kucharski, based on photo by Grzegorz Sikorski. Oil on canvas 220 cm x 135 cm

And here’s his collaboration with retoucher Iurii Ladutko, a piece I am personally in love with! Shot on our New York Fashion Shoot Experience at Greystone Court in May.

Greg Sikorski New York Fashion Shoot Experience Miss Aniela

Model: Kim Davis / Lighting assistant: Breanne Marie / Stylist: Leonid Gurevich 

You can see the image feature (with close up detail) in the video of the Greystone Court shoot, where I have taken a slightly different direction with music and editing style to showcase the behind-the-scenes of a rich 3 days of ‘opulent elegance’…


I had a story from the NY shoot entitled ‘Castles in the Sky’, published in Carnival Magazine issue 02, in which I presented my two favourite looks.

carnival _miss aniela _spread 2_lowres

Annabelle Observatory

Photographer: Miss Aniela / Stylist: Leonid Gurevich / Models: Ivanka K & Annabelle Lyttle / Nikon D800E & 50mm; 24-70mm and 80-400mm, Priolite strobe 

Full issue (with credits) Carnival 02 here.


More recently we’ve had a fabulous fairytale shoot in France in September, and Iceland (including ice caves) in November from which I will show images in upcoming posts!

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