This is the dedicated blog for the Fashion Shoot Experience, an international event hosted by fine-art and fashion photographer Miss Aniela (www.missaniela.com).

Miss Aniela’s Fashion Shoot Experience is not your typical photography workshop. It takes the social fun of a workshop and places it into a real fashion shoot, inviting pro and semi-pro photographers to be part of an exquisitely engineered, editorial-quality production. It’s an incredible chance for you to test your mettle and develop your skills alongside top styling teams, in breathtaking, movie-quality locations and with the finest lighting equipment. Attendees gain confidence, experience ā€“ and have lots of fun ā€“ working with stunning models and networking with other creatives in a professional, high-energy environment. By the end of the day, you may find yourself with a whole new portfolio of images, and unlike other events of this kind, you have full commercial rights release to everything you produce.

We have participants fly from all over the world to join our shoots. Check out www.fashionshootexperience.com for a calendar of upcoming events, testimonials, videos, showcase, backstage pics and more.


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