Published stories from NY & France by Ivonne Carlo, Janelle Pietrzak & Dena Thompson

More photographers are getting published with stories shot on the FSE!

I’m genuinely impressed when our participating photographers go the full mile with their work. And proud that we give full release of image rights to our participating photographers… this lends a unique level of investment, clout and purpose to attending the FSE.

We do all the pre-production of our shoots and serve it on a plate, and you might question how much ‘work’ the attending photographers actually contribute? Well, it may be easy to come along and take pictures. Sure, plenty of our attendees do that… hundreds of pics get taken, many don’t go further than the CF card. People shoot for different purposes, sometimes just for fun. But going the extra mile to actually do the POST-production, that is, making sense of all that material you shot, is a crucial part of professional photography and a hurdle many fail at. To shoot with intention, select, edit and assemble a fashion story is a whole new level of the art and no easy feat. Wading through images and countless possibilities, skill of knowing what to put in as much to leave out, and then even when you have a cogent story, it takes time and patience to choose magazines, submit and wait. I’ve given up several times at those last hurdles. Finally seeing your work on the printed (or digital) page is the reward – case in point for Ivonne and Janelle below.


IVONNE CARLO had a beautiful cover story published in Narciso Magazine. Shot on Opulent Elegance at Greystone Court, NY. Full story below.

ivonne 2

ivonne 3

ivonne 5

ivonne 6

ivonne 4

ivonne 7

JANELLE PIETRZAK had two stories published from Chateau Chique in France: in Conceptual Magazine and Dreamingless Magazine (partial story below) with a THIRD story potentially releasing – watch this space.

janelle 1b

janelle 2

janelle 3

janelle 4

Also, below: DENA THOMPSON had some delicious work from our Crazy Couture in the Hamptons shoot published in Visionary Magazine. 


Congrats on your publications ladies! Ivonne & Dena will be joining us again in NY in May… we will be returning for our first stateside event in 2 years! Shooting with 6 models at The Pines, a Victorian mansion evoking gilded age estate living with wrap-around porches, Victorian brass chandeliers, parlours and library, with the epic Leonid Gurevich styling the whole shoot. 20, 21 & 22 May. Places are selling fast, last few available.




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